Our approach is simple: Be transparent.


In such a fast paced world, our goal is to slow it down a bit, enjoy the process of building a dream and know where your money is spent along the way. While the market of restoration is clearly here to stay, our hope is that our reputation stands above the rest by our open and honest approach and genuine love and appreciation we have as a shop to keep these amazing classics on the road!


Bombshell's philosophy is rooted from the experiences as a classic car builder, by owner Clinton Cannaday. Clinton is a graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute and Acoustic Edge Institute and has spent his past 10+ professional years in the automotive industry, as well being surrounded by custom and classic cars throughout his life. He has assembled a team of skilled technicians with the same goal -to build the best classic cars!

By The Hour Billing

When restoring a vehicle, the unknown factors that can arise during a build are unknown and every vehicle is different. The most fair way to bill classic repairs is by the hour. You'll only pay for exact time with us. Our labor rates are competitive and vary among the services we offer.


Estimates are not typical to a restoration shop and customers should beware of a shop that provides one on a vehicle they have not thoroughly diagnosed. We ask you to keep in mind that restoration of classic cars is an art form that requires finesse and takes more than simply slapping parts on. Understandably, a customer wants an idea of what they are looking at cost wise, however, there are so many factors involved in the build that can change along the way, that estimates are very hard to provide accurately.